"Many organizations do not get around to compiling their history until its so late that it is difficult or impossible to do so. We are fortunate that PROBUS Club of Saint John was only seven years old when we started to record our past. Why do we record our past? At some future date, members will want to know how and why the Club was formed, who were the initiators, who were the members and what happened at their meetings. New members may want to know some of this information as well. Most of that history is now at our fingertips and readily accessible. All of the information in this website is computer stored. With few exceptions all issues of Phoghorn, the newsletter of the Club, are on file as are the minutes of the meetings. You will find this website of interest."

These were the words in 2000 of Lou Duffley, Saint John Probus' first Historian, a very dedicated Probus Member, who passed away in 2015. We are extremely grateful to him for initiating the journey of capturing our Club's historical highlights.


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