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(Updated Oct. 18, 2021)


Richard Burphee 25 year Pin

JAC Company

At our Sept. 15, 2021 meeting, John Doyle introduced Mike Ross from Fredericton who in turn introducedn our Guest Speaker, Jeff Alpaugh from Fredericton. In his remarks, Mike talked about how he first came to relate to Jeff and obtaining his first custom shirt.

Jeff talked about his business JAC which designs and sells custom made suits and shirts. Jeff talked about how he at 19 yrs. of age was enrolled in the Co-op Business School and had to do his practical part of the Program at a clothing store, for which he had to buy a suit for a job interview, with which he had no luck. Through his mother he was hired for a position at Harry Rosen, an upscale clothing store in the Fredericton area. He eventually was hired by Moore’s and along the way it was suggested to him that he upgrade his wardrobe.

During the time he spent in the Military, he had an opportunity to travel to different Countries and was able to see useful design examples of shirts and suits and this raised his interest, which led him to pursue a career in designing specialty suits and shirts. Jeff talked briefly about his experience on Dragon’s Den and while he did not end up securing a deal, the experience was great.

Wes Cosman thanked both Mike & Jeff on behalf of the Club, presented Jeff a Tim’s Card and Coffee cup.

Gary Watson just celebrated his birthday, 80 years old. Happy Birthday Gary and thanks for being with us!

President Don LeBlanc presented 25 year pins to Don Mitchener and David Ellis.

PROBUS member Ron Pearce recieved his 5 year pin from President Don.

Congraulations to all!

Absent service pin awardee members were Keith Dow – 25 yrs, Jack Hickman - 20 yrs, and Fred Shillington - 15 yrs who will recieve their pins at a future meeting.

Bob Purdy and David Ellis in conversation over a coffee.

We are fortunate to have Paul Meier as a member shown here presenting a few good jokes.

AGM 2021

Our guest speaker for the June 16, 2021 meeting was Bernard Cormier. Bernard provided a very informative background of Elizabeth II in addition to the protocols associated with Royality.

For our June 16th AGM, a large pound cake was a treat to all members for desert.

Carl White was appointed our new Assistant Secretary, assisting Secretary Chip Lawton.

Two of our PROBUS members of long standing chat prior to the start of the meeting- Don Mitchener and Brian Mitchell.

Boys & Girls Club Rebranded

At the meeting on May 19, 2021, a presentation on behalf of the BGC was made by Khristie LeBlanc and Ben O'Neill, who gave an update as to the Club's activities. Carl White introduced them. It should be noted that the "Boys and Girls Club" is now rebranded as BGC.

Frank McCarey thanks Khrista & Ben on behalf of the Club with a token on behalf of the PROBUS Club.

New member Paul Meier was presented with his Certificate of Membership, Binder, and name Tag by President Don LeBlanc. Paul was introduced by Don Mitchener.

Willard Buckley & Fenton Keirstead, long time members, enjoying the meeting!

Three PROBUS members waiting for lunch. Left, Gary Watson, Robert Taylor & Ed Creaser.

Irving Field House

On May 5th, 2021, PROBUS CLUB of Saint John arranged a tour of the newly open "IRVING FIELD HOUSE" in East Saint John. It is located next to the Exhibition Park grounds. The tour was scheduled previously but was postponed due the pandemic situation.

Steve MacMackin was our host and gave a history of the Field House from the beginning to the present day. Fourteen members and one guest were able to attend the tour.

Two members of the Field House staff, lead two groups in conducting a tour of the premises. Bottom line…. It has everything one would require keeping in shape no matter the level of fitness desired. PROBUS members were impressed with all aspects of the Field House. During a completive meet of soccer or similar sport, the place can be opened-up to accommodate that sport. General comment…. This place is HUGE!

After the tour was finished, 12 members went to the Montana's restaurant for lunch to help celebrate Fenton Keirstead on his 90th Birthday.

Good day for all.

Crosby's Molasses

The guest speaker on the Club's April 21st, 2021 meeting was Bridget Oland Crosby's Molasses. Our April meeting was well attended with Bridget Oland giving us a delightful and informative presentation about their products and the Company History of Crosby's.

Club member Peter Jolly presented Bridget with a token of PROBUS'S appreciation as guest speaker. Bridget stayed for lunch.

New member Robert Purdy is presented a membership certificate by President Don LeBlanc and David Ellis.

The meeting had 20 members, a reduction from the normal 30 to 35. Here the members listen to the chair for the business part of the meeting. It was great to see everyone!

Partridge Island

On Mar. 30, 2021 John Doyle introduced Harold Wright who has been active over the years researching the history of Partridge Island. A quarantine station was maintained on Partridge Island for many years. All the buildings were dismantled years ago and remains of those who died there were removed. Peter Morris thanked Harold for the interesting presentation and presented him with a thank you gift.

Guest entertainment, Barry Snodgrass and Rick Watters provided Irish Music for 20 minutes. They have come to our March Meetings for several years and are greatly appreciated. John Norris thanked Barry and Rick and presented them with a gift.

Memoriams for departed members - A moment of silence was observed for Glen MacDonald, Bill Bambury, and Ian (Scottie) Thomson who died over the past few months.


We had a recognition of Happy Birthday for Sherman Palmer, not sure if he is 58 or 85. Congratulations, Sherman!

Ron Pearse and Gordon Dempsey shared some "conversation".

John Doyle tells a few jokes.

Community Foundation

Willard Buckley introduced Kelly Evans from The Saint John Community Foundation for our Feb. 19, 2020 meeting. The Foundation was founded 44 years ago. The Foundation is an endowment fund consisting of $20,000,000. Only the income earned is used. The principal is not touched. Funds are used to support charitable organizations such as The Boys and Girls Club. A few bursaries and other funds have been created within the Foundation.

Kelly was thanked by Gordon Dempsey and presented with a PROBUS mug and Tim Hortons gift card.

Past President Ed O'Keefe (right) was presented with his Past President's Pin. Don LeBlanc received the President's Pin.

New member John Crilley was inducted by President Don LeBlanc.

Additional new members welcomed to the Club- Frank McCarey, retired General manager of Saint John Transit, and Blake Brodersen who had his shop in Brunswick Square for many years.

Last new member inducted by President Don was Mark Fisher. The new members were presented with Club Binders, Pins and Certificates of Membership.

Dr. Michael England delivers a humorous story.

Coffee time and groups forum for conversation.


Our guest speaker for the Jan. 15, 2020 meeting was Lisa Goldon, of ART INITIATIVE INC, who explains what takes place in teaching "ART" to childern. She is holding up an example of one such item with others in the background.

Robert Taylor introduced Lisa Golden of the Estey Art Initiative. Lisa gave a very interesting presentation. The organization operates in many elementary schools throughout the Province offering two hours per week of art instruction to Grade 3, 4 and 5 students. Instruction takes place after school hours and has motivated many students to become creative, interactive and self-confident. They operate in all school districts in New Brunswick. Don Mitchner who won the Club draw, donated his winnings to the Estey Art Initiative.

PROBUS member Mack Pike thanks Lisa Golden for her presentation with great sincerty and presented her a gift on behalf of PROBUS.

William Covert reading about interesting events that occurred in Saint John many years ago.

Carl Thompson tries his hand on a few jokes.

Not to be out done, Gordon Dempsey also shares a few laughs.

Saint john String Quartet


Prior to the sit-down Christmas dinner on Dec. 11, 2019, the Saint John String Quartet provided the entertainment for the annual Christmas dinner. It was most enjoyed by all members with a thunderous applause.

December month is also our annual Christmas dinner time. About 35 members stayed for the Christmas dinner with all the fixings. This was followed by apple pie and cookies for dessert.

During the meeting, Long Service Pins were awarded to members by President Don LeBlanc (L-R): Ralph Murray – 25 years; Carl Tompkins - 20 years; Torburn Bordevik – 20 years; Gordon Dempsey – 10 years; David Flewelling – 5 years; Fenton Keirstead – 5 years. Congratulations gentlemen!

Ralph Wood above is doing the honors with a few funnies stories.

Each year our PROBUS club makes a contribution to the Saint John Boys and Girls club. This enumeration is for $400.00. Treasurer Robert Taylor presents the cheque to Amy Shanks, Executive Director of the Club.

This past November our President Don LeBlanc was able to obtain permission to fly the PROBUS Flag on the Boys & Girls Club flag pole located in front of the building. Great job president Don.

This December meeting was just before the big day, the 25th. This guy in red showed up to enlighten our meeting- Good Old Saint Nick! It was appreciated that he dropped in for our Christmas meeting and stay awhile. Of course David Flewelling greeting Santa got his Christmas list in a little early when the opportunity presented itself!

Over 35 members lined up for the Christmas dinner and for fellowship, and a great dinner it was. Thanks!

Willard Buckley, Fenton Keirstead and Ron Pierce dig in.

Ralph Murray and our guest, Chris Buckley, serving the Christmas meal, Turkey, with all of the fixings.

Saint John Port Authority

Our guest speaker for November 20, 2019 was Jim Quinn of the Saint John Port Authority.

The CEO of the Port of Saint John was introduced by Peter Jolly. Jim’s presentation was informative and interesting. A $205 Million Dollar improvement program is underway. Much of the work is not visible to the public. The Port should be able to handle the largest container ships in the world when completed around 2022. Jim was thanked by John Doyle for the presentation and was given a PROBUS mug. Jim stayed a few minutes to answer extra questions.

Some of our members listening to the guest speaker, Jim Quinn.

President Don LeBlanc had the pleasure of inducting new member Mark Fisher to the Club.

Members George McCaughey on the left with Dale Stevens,and in the back John Andrews on the right during the coffee break. Not facing the camera is William Covert.

MOOSEHEAD Breweries Tour by PROBUS Members.

On November 13th, 2019, about 13 members of the Club were able to attend a tour of Moosehead Breweries and a merry time was had by all. The tour was about 1 hour long with several stops to quench our thirst.

Main entrance into the Brewery with giant moose. Pictured are some of the members waiting for the group to gather.

Members overlooking the packaging line.

The packaging line. This is what 1,000 cans a minute looks like! Hard to believe.

John Doyle and Chip Lawton discussing the packaging lines.

The tour was about 1 hour long with several stops to quench the member's thirst!

Jason McLean of Yoga Haus

At the Oct. 17, 2019 meeting, Willard Buckley introduced Jason McLean of Yoga Haus which Jason owns with his wife. Yoga has many styles which Jason studied in England, then India. Some highlights include breathing practices, increasing lung capacity, good posture, all of which can help with your joints, arthritis, inflammation and elasticity. John Doyle above thanked Jason for his informative presentation.

President Don LeBlanc (above) opened the meeting with the singing of O’CANADA. President Don welcomed all members to our temporary location in the gym as the regular meeting room had priority with another larger group.

William Covert read from the DAVID GOSS'S book Saint John "SNIPPETS" on the history of days gone by:


President Don, assisted by Dale Stevens, introduced our newest member, John Watson who was welcomed by the membership.

Our immediate Past President Ed O'Keefe, left, presents Pres. Don with an updated Past President's plaque which has had his name added. The plaque is displayed in the rotary Room at the Boy's & Girl's Club.

PP Ed thanked all members for their help and support during the past two years as it was a pleasure for him to serve the Saint John PROBUS Club. PP Ed, the Club also thanks you for your dedication and hard work during your term It did not go unrecognized!.

Saint John Airport

On Sept. 18, 2019, Chip Lawton introduced our speaker for this month, Mr. Derrick Stanford, the CEO of the Saint John Airport. The S.J. Airport is a non-profit organization with a 14-member Board of Directors. The airport received its first Government assistance this year to help with modernizing the runways, which are the most modern in Canada for an airport of its size.

The airport has 17 flights per day. Sixty-five per cent of the business is business travelers. The Airport has two main runways, 5000 feet and 7200 feet. New LED lighting will improve service and allow handling during some adverse conditions.

All parking areas as well as the lounge areas have been renovated. The Airport has WIFI and several private commercial hangers. Thirteen jets are housed at The Airport. The Airport will develop a Commercial Park in the future. The Airport has an APP where you can check on flights and arrange to have a taxi.

Derrick was thanked by John Johnson and presented with a PROBUS 25-year anniversary Mug.

President Donald Leblanc and Secretary Chip Lawton at the head table with Gordon leading the members in a sing along after singing O CANADA. Our piano master, Murray Driscoll, was unable to attend this month.

President Don announced that this month we will vote on our updates for the Club by-laws and Constitution. On the social side a visit has been scheduled to the Moosehead Breweries. Our guest speaker for October will be Jim Quinn of our Saint John Port Authority. He advised that he had just returned, along with Bill Covert, from our District PROBUS Conference which was very well presented by the Halifax Club. The venue was great, and the presenters were exceptional being two Dr's: one a Physio therapist and the other a Dalhousie University Professor. The topics were on healthy aging and both were well received by all! Both Bill & Don were impressed with the material and value of these presentations! We were provided a great lunch and then we had information sessions and input sessions relating to the growth and sustainability issues regarding the continued good health of PROBUS. Our Canadian PROBUS Canada President gave a presentation about her year as President.


Gordon Dempsey introduces Mr. Allan Donaldson on left, and Mr. John Watson was introduced by Dale Stevens as our guests. Mr. Donaldson and Mr. Watson may become new members.

During the meeting, five of our members were recognizeed with service pins (L-R): David Ellis- 15 year;s Fred Shillington- 15 years; Richard Burpee- 15 years; Don Mitchener- 15 years; and Jim Shillington- 15 years. Congratulations!

The Stonehammer GEO Park

Probus' guest speaker for June 15, 2019 was Wanda Hughes of The Stonehammer GEO Park.

Peter Jolly introduced Wanda Hughes, spokesperson for The STONE HAMMER GEO PARK. The Geo Park started nine years ago and covers an area of 2500 square kilometers. We have very interesting rock formations, some of which are understood to be one billion years old. Evidence of formations from South America and Africa can be found at Reversing Falls Rapids. People come from various parts of the world to study our geology. Don LeBlanc thanked Wanda and presented her with a PROBUS mug. Wanda agreed to stay for lunch and answer further questions.

Wanda's presentation was very well recieved based on the questions asked.

Vice President Don had the pleasure of welcoming new member Peter Morris who was inducted into the Clubby John Doyle in May. Peter was originally from Saint John, had been away for 45 years and recently retired from the oil company, Sunoco. Peter lives in Millidgeville. Peter gave a short talk thanking the club and is looking forward to making connections in the community.

As usual, Ron Pierce (right) sold tickets on our monthly 50/50 draw. Pter Jolly (left) is seen purchasing a ticket.

Willard Buckly and Dale Steeves are seen above discussing how great the coffee is!

Some members engaged in conversation during coffee.

Vice President Don LeBlanc calls out Sandra and Jerry of Stone Soup Catering who make the Club's annual meal, and the membereship gives them a sincere thank you.

Twice a year PROBUS donates to the Boys & Girls Club. Shown here is Vice President Don presenting a cheque to AMY SHANKS, executive Director, for $500.00 on behalf of PROBUS Saint John.

Field House

John Doyle introduced our guest speaker for the April 17, 2019 meeting was Bill Mackin, Chairman of the new Field House in East Saint John. This was a very interesting presentation. Planning began almost 10 years ago. Funding has been shared by the Government of Canada, Province of New Brunswick, City of Saint John, private fundraising, and a large donation from the Saint John Exhibition Association. The building will be fully managed by the YMCA. Memberships will include use of the Field House as well as use of the YMCA facilities. Substantial financial benefits are expected in the region and future bookings of national and local events are ongoing. Bill was thanked for the presentation and was given a PROBUS Mug by Wes Cosman.


Ron Pearce (right), the master ticket seller, selling tickets for the optional buffet lunch of Caesar Salad and Shepherd's Pie.

Gordon Mouland leading an unusual sing a long-his 93 birthday. Great milest\one Gordan. Congratulations!

President Ed O'Keefe presenting Bill Hunter with his 20-year pin as a PROBUS member.

Long time Probus members Gordon Mouland, on the left, Bill Covert on the right during the mid meeting break.


Robyn Humphries, taking a break with a good coffee prior to the start of the meeting. Looks relaxed!

Dr. George Whittle on Lawn Bowling

Our scheduled speaker for the March 20, 2019 meeting, Mary McDevitt unfortunately was delayed. Fortunately, Dr. George Whittle from The Seaside Lawn Bowling Club gave a presentation. The Club is at 510 Fundy Drive in Saint John West. George has been bowling for two years and finds it is a great social sport. The season is May to October. No equipment is required, and it takes about 1 1/2 hours. They usually have tea or coffee after. There are four lawn bowling clubs in New Brunswick. All are welcome to come and try out. If you decide to join the first-year fee is $100. George left information and invitations to try the sport.

March is Probus Month

March was PROBUS month. As per tradition, the men's and women's clubs had the PROBUS Flag flown in front of city hall for the week. It was a windy day, but the sun was warm. This year Deputy Mayor, Shirley McAlary did the honors on March 18th, 2019.

History Book

Dr. Michael England reading from the history book about facts on Saint John from days gone by.

Irish Tunes Sing Song

Probus members Barry Snodgrass & Rick Watters performed some Irish tunes to the delight of the members.

Seniors Center

Sherman Palmer talks about the senior citizens center were he and Robert Taylor volunteer a lot of hours this time of the year helping seniors prepare their income tax returns. Well done to Sherman and Robert.

Good Life Fitness

Willard Buckley introduced John Debby (center) from Good Life Fitness, Quispamsis at our Feb. 20, 2019 meeting. They spoke on the benefits of keeping active and fit especially as we age. John left information about Good Life programs and opportunity to enter for a chance to win a free one month try out.

Brent Harris (right) from The Saint John Tool Library talked about finding a need for tools for those wanting to complete renovations to their properties. Tools are available from the library at 160 Union Street for an annual fee of approximately $100.00. Space is also available at the library for those who would like to complete projects and don't have the space to do so. An additional fee would be charged to use their space. Probus mugs were given to the presenters by Bill Covert and Don LeBlanc (left).

New Members

Dale Sommervile (left picture, left)introduces new member John Andrews, and Don LeBlanc (right picture, right) introduces new member Sadaqat Lohdi.

Enterprise Saint John

At our Jan. 16, 2019 meeting, Willard Buckley introduced Janet Scott from Enterprise Saint John speaking on economic development in our district consisting of Saint John, Quispamsis, Rothesay, St. Martins, and Grand Bay-Westfield all of which contribute to the running of the organization. A new name is to be unveiled over the next two weeks - Economic Development Greater Saint John. Janet gave a very informative power point presentation.

Probus member Wes Cosman presented Janet Scott with our Probus 25th Anniversary coffee mug.

Probus member Tom Craig (Left)welcomes Jim Jennex as our newest member with V.P. Don LeBlanc and Chip Lawson in the background.

Our second new member is Larry Korgsdale, former CEO of Connors Brothers. You may recall that was the place where our Probus group had a tour last year.

V.P. Don LeBlanc (Left) presents the 20-year pin to Gordon Young.

The above picture is the plaque on the speaker's podium made by Past President Tom Jarrett and presented to the Club some years ago.

The Saint John String Quartet

The Dec. 12, 2018 Christmas meeting was called to order at 10:02 am by V.P. Don LeBlanc. Continuing with an annual tradition, the Saint John String Quartet featuring David Adams on violin, Danielle Sametz on violin, Sonya Adams on cello, and Chris Buckley on violin entertained the membership, and performed with a series of beautiful selections. Well done and thanks!

Gordon Mouland in the red in the background with Barry Snodgrass on the piano lead the gathering for a sing song.

It was President Ed's pleasure to induct our newest member, David Cassidy, into the club, and presented him with his certificate.

Ed then called up Greg Langille, and inducted him, and presented him with the Probus book about the Club, organization, and other informative information.

Welcome David and Greg. We know you will enjoy the fellowship!

Vice President Don LeBlanc speaks about the dinner he and his wife attended on behalf of Probus. Don also spoke about the upcoming luncheon on January 28th on "Everyone's Children" at the Delta Hotel in Saint John.

Treasure Robert Taylor, presents a cheque on behalf of Probus for the sum of $400.00, to Amy Shanks from the Boys & Girls Club.

Bay of Fundy

Jim Wilson was our guest speaker for the Nov. 21, 2018 meeting, and he gave an outstanding talk on the Bay of Fundy Peter Jolly (left) introduces Jim Wilson, (the bird man) for a well received talk on our wildlife in the Bay of Fundy.

We don't realize what a treasure we have at our doorstep. Jim told about the thousands of fish that inhabit the Bay of Fundy and showed slides of the different species of whales. He described each kind. Birds are Jim's main interest and he talked about the millions of birds who fly over the Bay on their way South and North. Jim was presented a Probus coffee mug by Peter.

Bill Covert reads from "SAINT JOHN SNIPPETS". This book covers events on this day, from years past. The book was written by local history buff David Goss.

Chip Lawton, left, presents a welcome certificate as a new member of Probus to Greg Sinclair.

Chip Lawton introduced a newest member, Howard Pearn. He was presented with his certificate and pin by VP Don LeBlanc.


Chip Lawton also presented long service pins to members who were not able to attend October's meeting. They are:

10-year pin to Ron Lister and Dale Stevens

15-year pin to Glen Mac Donald

20-year pin to Randy Giffin shown in above picture

Our newest member, Howard Pearn, was off to a flying start in Probus by introducing a new member, Donald Connolly. Welcome Don!

Gordon Mouland(standing in back) leads the group in a sing along with had a St. Andrews theme.

Saint John Riptide Basketball Team


Our first guest speaker for the Oct. 17, 2018 meeting was Jessica Smith (right), Manager (communications) of the basketball team, the Saint John Riptide. With her as 2nd speaker was Nelson Terroba, Coach of the Riptide Team. They gave us an inside to the sport you don't get from the bleachers and then handed out lots of complimentary game tickets. They were thanked by John Doyle and in turned presented with Probus Mugs.

John Doyle also introduced our third speaker, Mr. Marc Legere (right), who is editor and owner of the online Newspaper "Huddle Today" which focuses on New Brunswick news, business and what's happening. Strictly on line, its free and funded by advertising. Our Phoghorn Editor, Thomas Craig, says "having read the online edition, I would recommend it to anyone, Just Google "Huddle Today". David Flewelling (left) thanked Marc and presented him with a Probus Mug.

President Ed O'Keefe, Greg Sinclair, Chip Lawton

President Ed & David Cassidy

President ED then initiated two new members, Greg Sinclair (top photo) and David Cassidy …. welcome gentleman!

It was President Ed's pleasure to present Past President Ralph Wood with his 20-year pin.

Carl Thompkins (right) then told us more jokes from his infamous "Big Red Book".

St. Joseph Hospital Foundation

Probus guest speaker for the Sept. 19, 2018 was Laurie Flood of the St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation. Laurie gave a very informative talk explaining the role of St. Joe's part of the Saint John medical requirements.

During the meeting, President Ed O'Keefe (left) had the pleasure of inducting Bob Goodwin as our newest member.

Milestone PROBUS Year Pins

A project undertaken by the Executive was to purchase and present Probus pins recognizing and displaying the number of years each member has been a Probus Club member.


First to be recognized for 5 years membership were Willard Buckley, Bill Covert, Gordon Dempsey and Murray Driscoll.

Next to be presented pins for 10 years of Probus membership were David Ellis, Fred Shillington, Richard Burpee, Don Mitchener, and Jim Shillington.

15 year members Robert Taylor, George McCaughey, Tor Bordevik, and Carl Thompkins.

20 Year members Ralph Murray, Gordon Mouland, Brian Mitchell, and Keith Dow

And last, but certainly appreciated for their tenure, to be recognized for 25 years in the Club were Wes Cosman and President Ed O'Keefe. Congratulations gentlemen for your dedication to PROBUS!

Congratulations to all! It is because of you and many others "annual milestones" along that way that we had a sustainable Club for 25 plus years.

Some Probus members received their pins earlier and a few were absent. They will be handed out in the coming meetings.

Don Mitchener (center) gave his Treasurer's report stating that we have a $352.14 deficit the Probus year 2017-2018. This will be covered with the dues for the 2018-2019 being received now. With Don are Club President Ed O'Keefe (Left) and Secretary of the month Brian Mitchell. Don has been our Treasurer for many years retiring at the end of the last PROBUS fiscal year. Thank you Don for a job well done.

A moment of remembrance was held for members who had passed away during the summer. They were Phil MacGillivray, Duane Lister, Tom Jarrett, Frank Ervin, Gerry Burke and wife of Don Mitchener, Jane.

Probus Members Recognized in Telegraph Journal

On Tuesday, April 03/18, there was a picture and a write up concerning skiers. The article was in the Telegraph Journal and carried the head line "The not-quite-over-the-hill gang".

The importance of this that it is about two current members of Probus, Mack Pike and Fred Shillington, and former Probus members Dennis Anglin and Bert Cosman. In the above picture (L-R) are Mack Pike, 89 years of age, Dennis Anglin- 81, Charlotte Hope- 80, Bert Cosman- 90, Fred Shillington- 78, and Dawn Shillington- 80. All this proves, as they said, "your never too old to ski".

Missing from the photo is Gregor Hope who was on the hill when the photo was taken.

PROBUS is very proud of our friends!

Saint John Historian Harold Wright

Probus' guest speaker for Mar. 21, 2018 was Harold Write, a well known Saint John Historian. Harold (left) is pictured above with Willard Buckly, Tom Craig, and John Doyle looking at a 100 year old paper given to him by Willard.

Listening intentively to Harold are Probus members (L-R) Gordon Mouland, George McCaughey and John Doyle.

The Club was pleased to induct three new members at the march meeting: Robyn Humphries, Bob Goodwin, David Jory.

Tor Bordevik reported that March 21st was also World Down Syndrome created to raise public awareness for advocating the rights, inclusion and well being of people with Down Syndrome.

As we all know, in March we celebrate St. Patrick's Day. As in past years, entertainment was provided by Rick Waters and Barry Snodgrass. Well done!

The month of March is PROBUS MONTH. As per tradition, our PROBUS flag, which is partly owned by the Ladies PROBUS Club, was flown in front of the Saint John City Hall during the week of March 19th to 24th. Our Saint John Mayor DON DARLING (third from left attaching the flag to the pulley system), was present with 8 members of the men's group. It was a breezy day with the temperatures around -10 which felt like -20 C. In no time at all, it was flying. We then retreated to a cup of hot coffee inside. The flag was retrieved about 10 days later.

On the steps of City Hall, from left to right: front row, Mayor Don Darling, Gordon Mouland, Willard Buckley, Sherman Palmer, Dale Stevens. Back row: Tom Craig, President Ed O'Keefe, Robert Taylor, Donald LeBlanc.

A view of our Probus Flag at the foot of King St. as seen from the 3rd floor of City Hall building.

Serious Humor from the Phoghorn


Keith Dow on the Acadians

Our special speaker for the Feb. 21, 2018 meeting was introduced by Don LeBlanc (right), and was one of our own, Keith Dow. Keith spoke on the events surrounding the 1755 expulsion and 1764 return of the Acadians. An active question period followed.

Gordon Dempsey thanked Keith for his detailed account, presenting him with our Club 25th Anniversary mug.

Bill Covert always does a great job reading from the "SNIPPETS" book about events that happened on this date, but about 50 to 100 years ago. At today's meeting, Bill read a February 21st, 1828, article from the "Saint John Snippets", by David Goss, as well as a June 20th, 1877 report on the Great Saint John Fire.

Carl Thompkins (Center) is at the podium with the "Fabulous Funnies" to share a bit a levity while President Ed O'Keefe (Left) and Secretary Willard Buckley (Right) listen attentively!

A memorial card was placed in front of the podium of our deceased PROBUS member, Mr. Lester Mott, for all to read.

January 17, 2018 First Meeting

The regular monthly of the PROBUS Club of Saint John was held Wednesday, January 17th, 2018, at the Boys and Girls Club. President Ed O'Keefe called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m., with about 35 members and guests in attendance. With special guest Barry Snodgrass at the piano, a very nattily attired Gordon Mouland led us in the singing of “O Canada”, and 4 sing-a-longs, (without the usual 'one, two, three') culminating in a solo by Gordon.


The guests were welcomed by President Ed into the Club as our our newest members: Chip Lawton (Left photo, Center), sponsored by George McCaughey; Bob Bustin (Next Photo, Center), sponsored by Tom Craig; Clayton Daye (Next photo, Center), sponsored by Mack Pike; and John Johnson (Left photo, Center), sponsored by Chip Lawton. All were presented with a New Member binder, name tag, and car decal.

President Ed addressed the membership, and advised that "So far, we have had a great start and we have increased our membership by 13 since September. Our Goal is 25 new members by the end of May. The best way to do this is to use our PROBUS Invitation Cards. It's easy to ask a friend to come and try a meeting without committing themselves. That's how you were able to get so many new members to date. With everybody’s help, we can reach this goal. The most important thing is that with a total membership of 65, our club will be solvent financially. Keep up the great work. I also want to say a special thanks to our "stay in touch committee" as they have made the attendance so great."

Past President Ralph Wood introduced our guest speaker, Victoria Clarke, Executive Director of Discover Saint John, although she stated it should be “Greater Saint John” based on what was involved. John Doyle thanked Ms. Clarke for her talk, presenting her with our Club Anniversary mug.

Christmas Meeting 2017

The regular December meeting of our 2017-2018 season was held Wednesday, December 13th, 2017 at the Boys and Girls Club. President Ed O'Keefe called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m., welcoming about 36 members and guests. After the singing of “O Canada”, Gordon Mouland led us in three songs, of which two were successfully sung.

Vice President John Doyle reported on the coming months programs in 2018: January--Victoria Clark; February-- Keith Dow; March--Harold Wright and David Goss; April--Bev Franklin; May--Bernard Cormier.

A new member, Tony Brooke, was introduced by Ralph Woods and presented with his name tag. Welcome Tony.

   President Ed O’Keefe presenting a cheque from PROBUS  to the Executive Director of the Saint John Boys & Girls Club, Amy Shanks.  

Carl Tompkins introduced The Saint John String Quartet: David Adams and Danielle Sametz--violins; Sonja Adams--cello; Christopher Buckley--viola. Carl also thanked the Quartet, presenting them each with our Anniversary mug.

New Members Inducted

At the Nov. 15, 2017 meeting of Probus, Membership Chair Dale Steeves (right) had the pleasure of inducting one of the the Club's four newest members, Harry Follett.

President Ed O'Keith (right) inducts Don LeBlanc. Don is a Past President and current member of the Rotary Club of Saint John. Don is retired from Century 21 Real-estate.

Past President Robert Taylor (right) had the pleasure of introducing and inducting Sherman Potter as a new member.

President Ed O'Keith (right) inducts the fourth newest member for the meeting, Gary Watson. Gary is a former Rotarian, and retired as Deputy Chief of the Saint John Police Department.


Guest Speaker

The guest speaker for the Nov. 15, 2017 meeting was introduced by Secretary Willard. Michael Griffin, a long-time volunteer for the Seafarer's Mission, spoke on behalf of the Saint John Seafarer's Mission, relating their many services to the maritime community. Vice President John Doyle (right)thanked Michael Griffin for his address, presenting him with a PROBUS mug in appreciation.

Connors Brothers Tour

On Oct. 18, 2017, there was no monthly meeting at the usual place. Instead, the Probus group went out on a tour of a local industry just a few miles down the road from Saint John. The place was CONNORS BROTHERS sardine factory located in Blacks Harbour, NB. The tour took place on October 18th and was arranged by our president, Ed O'Keefe. On a head count we had about 22 persons. Some members could not attend because of the amount of walking required. The tour was most interesting and what a lot of members were saying, is the plant was much larger that previous realized with many product lines in operation. It is a major employer in that region. The tour lasted about 1.5 hours. PROBUS would certainly like to thank the management of Connors Brothers for their hospitality. The plant was very clean. After the tour, several groups went to the local Restaurant in Penfield or St George for lunch.

Pictured above is a group picture of those that attended (L-R):

Thomas Craig, David Ellis, Ron Pearce, Robert Taylor, Wes Cosman, John Doyle, Fred Shillington, President Ed O'Keefe, William Covert; Dale Steeves, Barry Watson , Murray Driscoll, Fenton Keirstead, Ron Lister.

Above, Fred Shillington, holds up the two samples of sardines given to all who went on the tour. In the foreground is Wes Cosman, Fred Shillington and William Covert. In the back ground, on the left, is Robert Taylor, John Doyle and president Ed O'Keefe.

Fenton Keirstead looking at the menu trying , to decide "what's good today"!

It looks like John Doyle is explaining to David, "just how they get 6 sardines in one can".

In the entrance at Connors Brothers, a model of an earlier Seiner vessel, Brunswick Maid, was on display.

25th Charter Meeting Celebration

Sept. 20, 2017 was a great meeting as Club members, both current and former, gathered to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Probus Club of Saint John. Pictured above (L-R) are current club President Ed O'Keefe who was very pleased to recognize the following Charter Members who were in attendance for the meeting and lunch- Mac Pike, Frank Ervin, Gerry Barnett, John Cooke, and Robert Taylor, Past President who introduced each of the Charter Members, and helped Ed present each with a 25 year Probus pin. Missing from the photo were Duane Lister and Gordon White.

Gordon Mouland lead the group in a lively sing along with our own Murray Driscoll on the Keyboard.

President Ed (R), had the pleasure of inducting our newest member, Chester Young (Center) as the first order of business at the Charter meeting. Off to the left is Dale Stevens, Membership Development chairperson who introduced Chester. Welcome to the Club, Chester.

The guest speaker for the luncheon was Marlene Pearce, Director and Secretary Treasurer of Probus Canada who congratulated the Club on being 25 years young, and gave an update from Probus Canada.

Marlene presented President Ed with a certificate from Probus Canada signed by herself, and W. R. (Bill) Sexsmith, President of Probus Canada.

We were very fortunate to have a number of Past Presidents in attendance. Pictured above with Director Marlene are Past Presidents (L-R) Mac Pike 1993-94, Richard Burphee 2008-09, George McCaughey 2004-05, Ralph Wood 2013-15, Ralph Murray 1999-00, Gordon Mouland 2000-01, Bob Capson 2010-11, Tor Bordevk 2011-13, Robert Taylor 2015-17, and Carl Tomkins 2003-04.

To complement coffee, and for desert for those that attended the luncheon, a beautiful Probus cake was cut by PP Robert Taylor or President Ed O'Keefe.


Your Executive trusts you have enjoyed our delightful Saint John summer. We've put together a fine program for our Fall meetings - you can find details elsewhere in the Phoghorn. We have made a goal -

To add 25 members in our 25th season.

And we're offering YOU a limited-time discount on your own renewal of $30 (due in September) for helping us.

$10 off your renewal

if you bring in a new member or bring back a lapsed member (lapsed a year or more) in September or October 2016;

$5 off

if you do the same in November or December 2016.

PS: Make sure prospective new members know there is a $20 initial fee and an annual fee of $30, both payable when they sign up.

Guest Speakers

Guest speakers for the Jan. 18, 2015 meeting were David Dickinson (Centre) who spoke on Funeral Planning, & John McMillan who spoke on the Memorial Foundation for his son John Jr..

60/40 Winner

The lucky winner of the 60/50 draw on Jan. 18, 2015 was Past President George McCaughey (right) being congratulated by President Ralgh Wood.

Christmas 2014

On Dec. 10, 2014, the Probus members gathered at the Boys & Girls Club for their annual Christmas luncheon, and to be entertained by the Saint john String Quartet which has become an annual delight.

During the meeting, a first time ever Christmas Tie competition was held. Chris Buckley of the String Quartet entered his beard. The winner, Dale Stevens, is shown in the picture below with his prize which we are sure he will enjoy over the festive season.

In the top left photo, President Ralph is sharing one of his growner jokes while on the left Tor Bordevik is seen doing a bit of fiddling with Sonia from the String Quartet.

On a rare occasion, we capture long time Club Treasurer Don Mitchener in a picture. Is he busy keeping us solvent before we make a Christmas financial presentation, or planning his next trip to Florida- laughing! The Club certainly appreciates the work Don does on our behalf.

As is a Christmas tradition, the Club always enjoys making a donation to the Boys & Girls Club in appreciation of them hosting us each month, and in support of the work they do for our youth. Pictured above is President Ralph Wood, and Executive Director Amy Shanks.

Anne Raina Author

On Sept. 17, 2014 our guest speaker was Anne Raina who spoke about her book "Clara's Rib", the story of her sister who spent her teenage years battling tuberculosis. She wasn't expected to see age 20 but lived to age 71. Anne Raina assured us she's not the one you can Google who writes erotica! Her story illustrates how a positive attitude and strong faith can overcome disease. A question and answer period followed. Anne was not permitted to promote sale of her book, but individual members could approach her and buy a signed copy.

Boys & Girls Club Presentation

On Sept. 17, 2014, President Ralph Wood presented a $500 cheque to Amy Shanks, Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Club of Saint John. She was thanked for a re-decorated room the Club meets. The President took the opportunity to request that space be found to restore our banner.

The Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation

At the Feb. 19, 2014 monthly PROBUS meeting, the speakers were Victoria Clarke and Jeff McAloon of the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation.


During the meeting, President Ralph was presented with the club's new "Aid for the vertically challenged" The President has not had a growth spurt! All got a chuckle out of that!

Mayor Norton Speaks to Club

On Jan. 15, 2014, Mayor Mel Norton updated the Clubon the City's progress and intimated some interesting developments for the future. At the meeting a new club constitution and by-laws were adopted.

New Members January 2014

On Jan. 15, 2014, two new members were introduced and inducted into PROBUS by Jim Shillington. Both are Retired Aliant Renoir Managers- Dave Price whose father Fergus was a previous member, and Ralph Furness.

Christmas 2013

Members of the PROBUS Club met on Friday Dec. 20th, 2013 for their Christmas meeting after having to postpone on Wednesday due to a vicious snow storm. Pictured here is President Ralph Wood sitting with his Christmas teddy bear.

The Club was fortunate to have George Urquhart step in on short notice for the luncheon to provide musical entertainment for the gathering.

Shown is the left picture are Bill Covert and President Ralph Wood proving to George that they really can't sing. In the right picture, the PROBUS Male Choir made up of Gordon Mouland, the Choir Master, and some of his cronies proving Bill and Ralph wrong.

PROBUS Executive 2013-2014

Standing: Gordon Dempsey, Gordon Mouland, Robert Taylor, Jim Shillington, George Urqhart with guitar, and President Ralph Wood

Sitting: PP Brian Mitchell, Gordon Graham, PP Torbjorn Bordevik, and Willard Buckley

In the left photo, Past President Tor explains how to make Norwegian Lutefisk, cod treated with Lye, a Christmas delicacy it seems. With Tor are Brian Mitchell & David Lester, standing, and Gordon Graham sitting. On the right, PROBUS members relax while they wait for the Christmas dinner prepared by the Saint John Boys' & Girls' Club to be served.

Ralph Wood (Top Photo), President of the PROBUS Club of Saint John, spoke on Thursday December 12, 2013 to members of the Rothesay-Kings Rotary Club. He spoke on the mission of the PROBUS organization, membership and the fellowship it provides. He also made the connection between Rotary and PROBUS. He ended by answering many interesting questions posed by club members.

In the bottom photo are PROBUS members attending this mornings meeting at the Rothesay-Kings Rotary Club. They are left to right, Rotary Club President - Andre Welland, Saint John PROBUS Club President - Ralph Wood and Rotary Past District Governor - Gordon A Dempsey. Missing from the photo PROBUS member and Past Charter Member of the Rothesay-Kings Rotary Club, was Brian Mitchell.

Nov. 20, 2013 Meeting

Gordon Dempsey(left), Past District Governor of Rotary, was pinned during the Oct. 2013 meeting. In Nov., Gordon congratulates Kendall Higgins who was pinned in Nov. and was sponsored by him. Welcome to Probus gentlemen ...way to go Gordon at this rate we'll be looking for a larger meeting place soon.

Jim Quinn (left), CEO of the Port of Saint John, was our Nov. speaker. He was enthusiastically welcomed. Question period had to be curtailed as lunch was getting cold. Thanks Jim for an excellent update on our port. Members (right) paying rapt attention to our November Speaker Jim Quinn.


PROBUS wreath (on the left) laid on the Kings Square Cenotaph November 11th as Trinity Church struck 11 am.

20th Anniversary Party

On Sept. 19, 2012, the Saint John PROBUS Club celebrated its 20th Anniversary with a special meeting and lunch hosted by the Boys & Girl Club of Saint John.

Pictured in the top row is Vice President Probus Center Canada, Atlantic Director, Mr. Steve Campbell giving a short speech to members, and presenting a Certificate from PROBUS Center Canada which was received on behalf of Probus Saint John by President Tor Bordevik.

Dec. 14, 2012

The members of PROBUS held their Christmas meeting on Dec. 14, 2011. Seen above is Ralph Wood, Past President who shares a story with the members.

As has been the custom for some years, the Club was entertained by the Saint John String Quartet.

Dec. 15, 2010

PROBUS met for their Christmas meeting and social on Dec. 15, 2010. They were entertained by the Saint John String Quartet consisting of David Adams, Larissa Chitty, Sony Adams and Chris Buckley who played a selection of Christmas carols.

Oct. 21, 2009

Vaughn McIntyre, guest speaker for Oct. 21, 2009 meeting.

Mar. 18, 2008

Mr. Roger Haineault, a tax consultant, was the guest speaker for the meeting on Mar. 18, 2009 and was introduced by Don Thomkins.

Mr. Haineault then proceeded to outline various new measures in recent Federal and Provincial budgets that could be advantageous to us as senior citizens. There was also some explanation of the circumstances that have led to the current recession and measures that have been introduced to ameliorate them. A lively and informative question and answer session followed the presentation. Mr. Haineault (left) was thanked by Clarence Blois(right) seen shaking hands and the meeting adjourned for lunch at 12 noon.

In the back ground to the left is 2nd Vice President Bob Capson, and Phoghorn editor Ralph Wood.

Feb. 18, 2008

New Members

During the Feb. 18, 2008 meeting, President Richard Burpee welcomed two new members into the Club. Pictured above are President Richard, left, and Frank Cormier and Dr. Barry Beckett.

Guest Speaker

The Club's guest speaker was Dr. Robert MacKinnon, (left photo), Vice President of UNB Saint John, who gave the Club an update and overview of the University with particular emphasis to the new School of Medicine. In the photo to the right is new club member Dr. Barry Beckett thanking Dr. MacKinnon for his informative talk.

Rendezvous 2008 Team Wrap-up

On Jan. 15, 2009 the Rendezvous 2008 organizing team met at the Mediterranean restaurant to wrap-up and share some laughs and successes for the rendezvous 2008 gathering.

Pictured (L-R): Ralph Wood, Bill Bydges, Wes Cosman, David Fraser, Carl Tompkins, Fred Shillington, Laurie Hossack, President Richard Burpee, Mildred Brydges, Betty Thomkins, Robert Taylor. The empty Chair is Robert Lockhart, who was behind the camera.

The gathering was spearheaded by Co-chair Bill Brydges, and it was with great pride that he, Fred Shillington and President Richard Burpee advised that all was a success, both financially and socially.

The following summarizes the committees synopsis:

"The memories will last a long time but its time for our club to say thank you.
On behalf of Co Chairs Bill Brydges and Fred Shillington, we thank all those who traveled from afar to make Rendezvous 2008 the success it was.
We, the members of Saint John Probus Club, and the many organizing committees and volunteers, thank you all sincerely for sampling our Maritime hospitality and giving us the opportunity to make new friends.
We particularly thank those visitors from Australia who traveled so far to make this truly an International affair.
We thank the Directors of Probus Canada for all their help, indulgence and generosity and for giving us the opportunity to stage this event.
We thank our brother and sister clubs here in Saint John, in Moncton, Fredericton and Charlottetown for their cooperation and support.
We thank our sponsors the Royal Bank and Saint John Rotary Club for their financial support and to the many local businesses that helped us in so many ways.
All the reports have been made and a host of information is available to help whoever has the honor to host the next convention.
We would like to report that after paying all our bills that virtually all the seed money from PROBUS Canada will be returned with thanks.
To all the committee chairs and members who gave so willingly of their time for more than 24 meetings over the course of two years for "Cheap Coffee", Bill and Fred, thank you, sincerely. "

Christmas Meeting 2008

At the Dec. 17, 2008 Christmas meeting, the Probus members were entertained by the Saint John String Quartet (top photo) comprized of David and Sonia Adams, Chris Buckley, and Christine Gail-Harrison whose seasonal presentation was a delightful combination of carols and seasonal music with interesting comments on the origins of each piece. The members were then served a fine Christmas lunch by the Boys and Girls Club staff and the members adjourned full of Christmas cheer.

Pictured in two bottom photos are PROBUS members listening (left), and enjoying a sing song.

During the meeting, President Richard Burpee presented Debbie Cooper, the Executive Director of the Boys' and Girls' Club, with Probus' annual Christmas cheque.

Clarence Blois (left), the Club's Entertainment & Singing Chairman, shares a laugh- maybe at the quality of the singing that day! Don Tompkins (right), isn't quite sure what just happened. He has just taken over from long time historian Lou Duffley as the Club Historian and Photogragher, and will be prime for forwarding material to Club Webmaster Robert Lockhart for the web site.

Executive Changes 2008

President Richard Burpee

Vice President Brian Mitchell

At the Dec. 2008 meeting, President Richard Burpee (top photo) was pleased to announce that Brian Mitchell (bottom photo) had accepted the position of Vice President and Program Director for our PROBUS Club.

The Club is very fortunate to have Brian step up to this position. We know he will do a great job!!

The John R. Morris Founder’s Award

PROBUS Canada President Art Buck (far left) is very pleased to be presenting the “John R. Morris Founder’s Award” to a long time PROBUS Member who has definitely made his mark in “outstanding support for the growth and development of PROBUS across Canada” over the past 15 years as a member. Bill Brydges is a Charter Member and a Past President of the Probus Club of Saint John, N.B. He has also served on the Board of Directors of PROBUS Centre-Canada, Inc. doing so with dedication and commitment. He has also been involved in the development of new Probus Clubs in his area and most recently, without hesitation, successfully served as Co-Chair of the PROBUS Canada Rendezvous 2008 held in his community.

Congratulations Bill !!

(From Dec. 2008 PROBUS Canada Newsletter)


This happy group are Members of the Organizing Committee of the PROBUS “Rendezvous 2008” held in Saint John, N.B. this past September. Having just received “Certificates of Appreciation” from PROBUS Canada President Art Buck (3rd from left) they have a right to smile at the success of a tremendous event. Just under 300 attendees took advantage of Saint John hospitality to enjoy three days of fun, fellowship and idea exchange in Canada’s “Loyalist City”. Survey returns are already in and, with few exceptions, they express feelings of great satisfaction and enjoyment with lots of opportunity for business as well as sight seeing and just plain good times.

Thank You Saint John !!

(From Dec. 2008 PROBUS Canada Newsletter)



It's hard to believe that we're at the end of another year--and boy what a year it has been. Our efforts across this Country have brought us to 200 Clubs, …. the "long sought after" number and now we can set our sights on a new target … perhaps 250.

My thanks to all who helped to make this growth happen and may it continue ! And “Rendezvous 2008---Catch the Wave”---held in Saint John N.B. in late September, which turned out to be a "super" success. The ---food--- fellowship--- entertainment---tours---and not to forget the discussions & the comments from the workshops---left us with much pride about the benefits of belonging to such a great group called “PROBUS”.

I personally met so many from across Canada who commented on their pleasure at being involved with our organization. Our Board will be discussing many of the recommendations brought up during the workshops, particularly those dealing with improved communications, and sharing more information between Clubs.

A very sincere “Congratulations” to the Saint John Clubs , their non Club volunteers---and to all our members who were there to enjoy their efforts.

(From Dec. 2008 Probus Canada Newsletter)

Change Over 2006

Dave Lester, President 2005 - 06, shares a laugh as incoming President David Frase presents him with his past president' pin on Sept. 20, 2006.

One of President Dave's last chores was to induct new member Frank Setchell (center) to Probus. Frank was sponsored by Fred Shillington (left).

Christmas Luncheon 2005

At our Christmas luncheon on Dec. 14, 2005, President David recognized our Charter Members with special name badges. Pictured above are the initial four Rotarians who did the ground work to invite 44 gentlemen to a meeting to discuss the creation of a PROBUS Club. Pictured above are Gordon White, Gerald Barnett, Bill Brydges, and Canon Lloyd Lake. Of the 44, 43 signed as Charter members.

Pictured above is President David presenting founding President William Bartlett with his new Charter Member's name badge.

The following Charter Members who were in attendance to receive their new badges: Left to right back row: Bill Bartlett, Reg MacKenzie, Alex Penman, Robert Crawford, Blake McCullogh, Gordon White, George Teed, Robert Reeves, Canon Lloyd Lake, Gerald Barnett, Bill Brydges, and Mac Pike. In front are John Cook, Duane Lister.

Missing from the photo were: Ross Coates, Horace Hall, Jack Myles, Frank Ervin, Harry Hoar, Glen Scott, David Filliter, Eric Josselyn, Ed Graham, and Bob McConnell.

During our luncheon, Treasurer Ed creaser presented Debbie, Cooper, the Boy's and Girl's Club Executive Director, with a cheque for $500.00 for Probus' Christmas Donation.

During the meeting, the members present were entertained by Saint John Quartet members: Sonja Adams, David Adams, Ericka Low and Chris Buckley.

Executive Change Over 2005

On the Sept. 21, 2005 meeting of Probus at the Boys' and Girls' Club of Saint John, the new executive for the new Probus year were voted into office. Pictured here is incoming President David Lester presenting out going President George McCaughey with his past president's pen.

Our September Guest Speaker

We were fortunate to have renowned Saint John artist Ray Butler as our guest speaker on Sept. 21, 2005 to kick off the new PROBUS year. Ray gave a very interesting talk on what an artist thinks of and considers when doing a person or landscape portrait.

As part of Ray's talk, he did a portrait of Wylie McGinley explaining as he drew what he was looking for and how he puts the detail on artist paper. Wylie went home with a souvenir from our PROBUS meeting.